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Allow me to introduce you to Monarch Management.

Monarch Management specialises in delivering leadership presentations and workshops to secondary students and corporate professionals.

The aim of the presentations and workshops is to introduce participants to key principles of leadership, allowing them to feel empowered to discover their own leadership style.

The presentations and workshops will guide participants through core leadership skills which can fast-track their career success, increase opportunity for future leadership positions and empower them to feel confident in their own ability to become natural leaders.

Monica Beazley
Founder | Presenter

I am a corporate professional with over 15 years’ experience in a variety of industries including automotive, media, local government and professional sport.

Throughout my career I have worked under high-performing leaders, while also working in leadership positions of my own.


In these roles I have invested time and education in developing my own leadership style, gaining a better understanding of other leadership styles and, recognising the impact that positive leadership can have on organisational performance and employee morale.

My journey through leadership has strengthened self-awareness and the importance for this skill to be ever-present in modern day leadership.

I am the founder of Monarch Management with a purpose of empowering others through education.

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Alf Debono
Workshop Facilitator

I have been apart of the education industry for over 48 years, teaching in health, physical education, science and maths.

Throughout my career, I have worked in a number of leadership roles including Head of Department, Year Coordinator and House Master.

My passion for teaching lead me to complete a Master in Physical Education and a Master in Education Management. 

In addition to the school, my passion for soccer has provided me with opportunities to be a state national representative player, then progressing into coaching positions including state and national men’s and women’s teams.

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Adrian Petrilli
Creative Director

I am a marketing professional who loves all things branding, design and strategy.

I've been working in the marketing industry for the past 10 years, in different organisations including private, not-for-profit and local government, with every role giving me opportunities to create strategic marketing campaigns.

My passion for sport has lead me to working for the state sporting organisation in football (soccer), while also being involved in marketing campaigns for national and international competitions.

Working with Monica to create Monarch Management's brand reaffirmed my love for logo design and building a brand. Monarch's brand was created to reflect the values of the organisation - empowering, inspiring and FUN.

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