Our Story

Hey, I’m Mon!

I’m an event junkie. I love how events bring people together, provide opportunities for us humans to connect on a deeper level and share memorable experiences together.

I looove what I do because I get to empower others to create beautiful events too. Ones where they stand back and have that warm fuzzy feeling in their heart. Knowing they were responsible for making the event come to life and help create those important connections for their business and its audience. Doesn’t matter if the event is in person, virtual or a hybrid, those heart warming tingles stay the same.


So how did I end up here?


Well I studied journalism and public relations to pursue a career as the new Catriona Roundtree on Getaway. Turns out that was not as easy as I thought. I did star as the Muffin Man on National TV so that totally still counts right?


Whilst waiting for my big break I worked across different industries searching for what lit me up. I found it or should I say it found me. I was given an opportunity early in my career to run the company’s Christmas party. I fell in love with the thrill of the deadline, the pressure and satisfaction when it all came together on the day.


Over the last 15 years I worked across a variety of industries including automotive, media, local government and professional sport. I found myself seeking professional development. I wanted to sharpen my skills and be across industry standards for running high quality events.


As a busy mum, working full time, I did not have time for a tafe course which seemed to be my only option. And so friends… Monarch Management was born. For all the Queens and Kings running events, big or small looking for extra support or tools to simplify their event planning process.


Monarch was created just for you, welcome. Xx

"Embrace the beautiful crazy"


Creating Deep Connection

We place equal value on all our relationships, seeking out opportunities to connect people within our networks.

Memorable Experiences

We are prepared and present, creating a fun learning environment that people remember.

Empowerment Through Education

We actively share our knowledge and provide opportunities for all people to learn.

Sharing Vulnerably

We communicate openly, listen as often as we speak.