Copy of 5 ways to sell out your next event

So, you’re hosting your next event and you have a target for ticket sales you want to achieve. Let’s be honest, we all want to have the satisfaction of knowing your event sold out.

To give yourself the best chance of selling out all of the tickets to your next event, here are five simple tips to consider.

1. Send your VIP invites out early

Your VIP guests make up such a crucial part of your event. They are integral to maintaining key relationships at your organisation, they could represent future business opportunities, and they could be well respected amongst the community, in turn adding value to your event.

With the prestige that comes with being a VIP, also comes a busy schedule.

By sending your VIP invites out early, you give yourself the best chance they will attend. With enough notice, they have time to plan ahead and clear their schedule to ensure they are available.

PRO TIP: By sending the invitation out early, you also have opportunities to follow up with your VIP guest. This is most likely done through their PA or executive team and is a key part of the sales process when tickets/invitations are sent out.

2. Announce when tickets go on sale

Clear and strategic communication can ensure your target audience are well informed and aware when tickets for your event go on sale. Communication platforms including website, social media and email marketing provide effective reach and allow for multiple touchpoints with your market.

A strategic approach can include an announcement of when tickets will be available, followed by a series of messages once ticket sales have opened.

Regular messaging will keep your event front of mind with your target audience.

PRO TIP: Create a communications plan with a breakdown of key communication items and the dates they will be released. This plan will help you and your marketing, media and events team ensure messaging is released on time.

3. Early bird ticket sales work