Event Starter

A series of digital event templates you need to start planning and delivering successful, well-organised and profitable events.

DO YOU...​

  • Want to run incredible events using the same tools as the pros?

  • Already have a busy workload and are looking for systems to make event planning that little bit easier?

  • Want to learn how to run amazing events but don’t have time to do a course right now?

  • Need a bit of help to up-level your existing event planning knowledge?

  • Have an event coming up and need some help setting up your key event documents?



Run Sheet Template

This run sheet will make it easier to maintain contacts, communicate schedule changes and keep track of every element of your event. This will become your event bible.

Budget Template

This budget template has a simple layout with all the formulas already built in for you. All you need to do is put in your projected budget (what you think your event will cost) and actual figures (how much the event really cost) and voila, the spreadsheet will calculate the rest. If you are a visual person like us, you will love the pie chart that provides a visual on how your budget has been allocated across the different areas of the event. Every part of this Budget Template is editable so you can customise it to your needs.

Event Checklist Template

Are there multiple people in your event team? Will you be reporting to a leadership group or board? Then this document will be your best friend. It is set up to prompt you on what is next in your event planning process. It has columns that will help you assign tasks and code the status of your action items.

Event Planner Meditation

This is not just any meditation. This is designed by our spiritual bestie and Mindset Magician, Heart Whisperer and Soul Strategist Cha Higginson. Cha has created this meditation to help you remain calm, collected and focused in the midst of the stress and pressure of running your events. This meditation will help you optimise your mindset for success and lead you to trust your intuition.

MC Script Template

Set your master of ceremonies up for succes with this guide MC Script Template, full of prompters, things to considers and helpful tips on how to optimise presentations at your event.


How much does the Event Starter Toolkit cost?

The Event Starter Toolkit is yours for just $27.00 AUD. For more information, contact us monica@monarchmanagement.com.au.

Is this product refundable?

Due to the digital nature of the Event Starter Toolkit, all sales are final and non-refundable. If you have questions about whether the Event Starter Toolkit is right for you, contact us at monica@monarchmanagement.com.au and we'll be happy to help.

What happens after I purchase the Event Starter Toolkit?

You will receive an email with a link to download your Event Starter Toolkit. Inside the zip folder will be all of your event templates and resources which you will be able to access and start using immediately after purchasing.

How long do I have access to the Event Starter Toolkit, after purchasing?

Forever! and ever, and ever, and ever. With your one-time purchase of the Event Starter Toolkit, you will have lifetime access to all of the resources. If we update the resources inside the toolkit, you'll receive the updated versions at no extra charge.

What format is the Event Starter Toolkit?

The Event Starter Toolkit is a digital download. The run sheet, budget and project plan templates are editible excel documents that are super easy to use and designed for you to hit the ground running with your event planning. The Event Planner Meditation is a downloadble .mp3 file, which you will be able to listen to on your PC, smart device on in the car on the way to your next event.

Can I buy the Event Starter Toolkit as a gift for someone?

Absolutey! In fact, we think that's a great idea. Contact us at monica@monarchmanagement.com.au and can arrange your Event Starter Toolkit gift to your lucky someone.