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empowered leaders

Develop the mindset of a leader and fast-track your pathway to career success in just 6 weeks with my Empowered Leaders course for emerging female leaders.

Transform yourself into a confident, people-first female leader so you can grow your career, improve team performance and enhance your leadership skills to have a bigger impact on your organisation.

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empowered leaders

develop the mindset of a leader and fast-track your pathway to career success in just 6 weeks with my Empowered Leaders course.

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effective communication



emotional intelligence

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it's time to unleash the leader within you, to go after your dream position, within your dream industry, to give you your dream experiences.


👑 Are you tired of doubting yourself?

👑 Are you ready to find your voice at work?

👑 Are you ready to make your mark?

👑 Are you ready to invest in YOU?

👑 Are you reaching the end of your current job, looking for motivation or wondering what's next?

👑 Are you ready to prove to your team AND to yourself that you belong?

👑 Are you ready to unlock the skills that you have within you?

👑 Are you ready to lead a happy, confident and high-performing team?

👑 Are you reading this list and answering "heck yes" to any of them?

Then you're ready for the Empowered Leaders course and I cannot wait to meet you 💕

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6-week course

Cost-effective, time-efficient professional development.

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A live coaching call each week.

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30-minute individual goal setting call.

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Join like-minded empowered leaders.

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Intimate groups capped at 10 people.

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on demand support in between coaching calls.

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Take-home resources.

supportive coach

someone to keep you accountable and on track.

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👑 looking for a cost-effective, time-efficient professional development course without the boring bits

👑 ready to accelerate your career

👑 ready to invest in you and your skills

👑 wanting to find a fresh way to inspire your team

👑 wanting to make an positive impact on your workplace culture

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I set out to become the leader I wish I had

People ask me “why did you want to become a leadership coach?” or “why do you teach what you teach in your course?”. The truth is, I’ve had my fair share of experience working for different leaders with different leadership styles. Some incredibly strong leaders and some which left me feeling uninspired, almost resenting my job and the work I was doing. I’ve seen first-hand the impact that poor leadership can have on organisations. I’ve seen strong performing women leave their positions because of the negative culture their leaders created.

So, I was ready to become the leader I wish I had and, to answer the question above, I’m now ready to teach you to become the leader you wish you had and the one that you know your team needs.

Organisations are made up of so many incredible women, with the nurturing skills, empathy and kindness to understand people; with the fire in their hearts to make them protectors of their team and inspirers of many. I’m here to unlock those skills in you so that you can continue to grow your career, whatever that looks and feels like; so that you can become a leader and leave an impact on your organisation and your industry.

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